CHF Access ½% Down

If you thought that owning a home in California was not easy, the CHF Access Down payment Assistance Program is here to help you. CHF Access is a finance offer designed to enable individuals and families belonging to the low-to-moderate income group in California, a greater opportunity for becoming homeowners. The program, which makes it possible to get up to 99.5% financing, is valid for even those of you who have faced issues like BK, Short Sale, Foreclosure or Deed in lieu just 12 months ago.

CHF Access enables people form weaker financial backgrounds to purchase property by providing financial assistance to pay a major percentage of the down payment amount. As a part of the program, the amount of down payment or the closing cost from CHF is combined with a 30-year fixed interest rate FHA First Mortgage Loan. The results in the creation a Second Mortgage with low fixed interest rate, which consequently helps to generate a combined financing of up to 95.5% of the total purchase value.

The CHF Access program is available for the purchase of both new and existing homes with the only condition being that the property should be used as their primary residence by the buyers. Also it is not necessary for the buyers to be purchasing a home for the first time. In fact, individuals who might have owned a home previously can apply for CHF Access half percent down payment program.

A minimum Fico score of 580 is required to qualify for the CHF Access program although you might also qualify with no Fico score.