CalVet Home Loan Eligibility 

For CalVet Home Loans, all those veterans who have worked actively for minimum of 90 days (not including continuous duty for training purposes only), both the periods, whether it is wartime or peacetime, are eligible. Eligibility entails service under admirable circumstances. There is no such kind of previous residency rules--a veteran may have entered such kind of service from outside California. Either it’s NG or reservists who have been ordered to active duty, involving Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) duty are also eligible for this kind of loan.

Some of the important documents that you will need includes a copy of your DD 214 (Release from Active Duty) to approve that you have qualifying that particular service. In case, you do not have any of its copy, obtaining one is an easier task than ever. Once you have investigated your particular records and regulate that you no longer have a copy of it then there are numerous things that you can do. In the past, veterans were instructed to have their DD214 verified in the province when they went home to after their release. And if you did that, then you need to contact the county recorder and can get a copy there. If you used a DD214 to register yourself for other welfares, such as educational or medical, that organization may be capable to give you a copy of it.

I can support in ordering your DD 214 online and then have it in between a week.

 In case, neither of such ideas work then the only fastest way to get a copy is through the National Archives, National Personnel Records Center (NPRC). You can contact them through their website at This department have all the records of the most discharged and retired members of almost all branches of various service. You need to wait for almost two to three week to obtain your record but by ordering online, it may speed up the entire process.

If you can’t access Interment then the only option through which you can contact National Archives, National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) via mailing or faxing a Standard Form 180 (SF-180) to The National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records, 9700 Page Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63132, Fax Number 314-801-9195. You need to follow some directions and by calling (301) 837-0990 from a fax machine to NPRC, you may be get SF-180 and request document number 2255.

One can be eligible after meet the 90 days service requirement. If you are still working then you have to complete your 90 days of active service. Get a Statement of Service from your Commanding Officer, Adjutant, or Personnel Officer as soon as possible.

Members who are on active duty for training purposes of the National Guard or Reserves and are the new homebuyers or purchase properties in few target areas are also qualified after completing one year of service with a total six year service assurance.

We can begin processing your loan even without the DD214 but for that, first we have to confirm your exact dates of service directly through USDVA.  Any kind of query or questions related to eligibility or need help, you can contact us. If you are presently serving on consistent active duty, you are perfectly eligible.

Eligibility for VA Aids

You may be qualified for VA benefits if you have all the below qualities:

  • Veteran, Veteran's dependent
  • Surviving spouse, child or parent of a dead Veteran
  • Uniformed service member
  • Current or former reservist or National Guard member

How to Apply for VA Benefits

VA has numerous ways to apply for your welfares depending on your class and rank. Call us to go over your possibilities.

Grab a Handsome Loan Value!

In case, you are a veteran and need a home loan, then CalVet Home Loan is your only solution. There are various benefits of CalVet Home Loan as it will save your money and offer proper security for your home and overall investment. CalVet has extended its eligibility criteria as well so that most veterans including those who are now on active duty and have a dream to buy a home in California are qualified, subject to economical requirement and accessible bond funds (See limitations for peacetime-era veterans).

The most interesting and important thing about CalVet is that all the money which you'll save is at low interest rates, low down sum and easier requirement. You can compare it with other available loans, and can clearly see why CalVet is the only loan of choice for all the veterans.

You will never feel guilty due to this loan as it will give you benefits from day one. It is considered as the State of California's way to say thanks to all those who have served the country through your military service. And the most important thing about this loan is that it is available to all the veterans at no cost to California taxpayers.

Below are some amazing features of the CalVet loan, just have a look on them:

  • Fairly Low interest rate
  • Even lower rate for eligible new home buyers
  • Low or no Down Expense
  • Loans up to $521,250
  • Ensuing eligibility - Use the loan again
  • Home and loan shield plans
  • Home Improvement Loans


Interest Rates

Commonly, all the interest rates for new loans are tine to time revised. Generally, Interest rates are important subject to change even without any kind of notice. Present rates are dispatched in this website. At the time, you apply for the loan will be locked in date and in case, rates get reduced then your loan is being processed and you will surely get the benefits of the lower rate. You can contact us for latest information.

Low Down Payment

We do all the efforts just to keep your out-of-pocket asset nominal through our low down payment condition. CalVet Home Loans are accessible for more than $521,250 with no such down payment, if you are entitled for a loan security from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet/VA), or even with a down payment of only 3% of the acquisition price for our CalVet97 program.

Extreme Loan Range up to $521,250

CalVet Home Loans usually works fairly in almost every California market. Our loan maximum for consistent properties is around $521,250; up to $175,000 for portable homes in rental grounds. New initial homebuyer loans have lesser purchase price bounds in some regions. Contact us for further more detailed information.

Free Pre-Approvals

It is important to get pre approval from your agent so that you know how much of a house you should shop for exactly? You may get a pre-approval from the agent over on a phone call and after a few dozen inquiries.

Expanded Eligibility

If you haven’t get latest information about CalVet then you'll be surely contented to know that the suitability has been extended. Most of the veterans who are planning to buy a home in the province of California are eligible. As such, there is no previous placement situation. All the suitable veterans must meet federal rules regarding the use of the bond funds. CalVet has various bond fund bases for veterans who aided during a wartime period, irrespective of when they helped. Veterans whose service was during peacetime are qualified for the loan, but must need to meet the necessities for use of Revenue Bonds funds. For the category of peacetime-era veterans must be new homebuyers and need to complete the income and buying price restrictions. For detailed information, you can contact your local CalVet office to get updated eligibility and funding status. All the veterans must have received a proper discharge under honorable circumstances, and offer a copy of their DD-214 or issue from active duty. If you are presently serving on active duty then you can deliver a Statement of Service to confirm your qualifying dates and character of active service.

Reusable Loans

You may get a new CalVet loan every time when you decide to change your home. And it may be used again and again but once the previous loan has been cleared or you can say paid off only then you may get a new loan with the updated features, subject to suitability and financial requirement.

Home and Loan Protection Plans

Just to provide you safe and sound investment options, CalVet offers complete safety for you and your family. Though, this is alternative area where you deserve the preeminent option. No other moneylender provides you safety against such natural disasters like CalVet. As lots of Californians have lost everything whether its money, home or important things in natural disasters like floods and earthquakes but CalVet loan holders have fully assured replacement cost package for their home, keeping disaster in mind. You'll be properly safe against floods and earthquake loss with your CalVet supported home. CalVet's deductible is a nearly $500 on flood claims, and $500 or 5% of the coverable damage (whichever is greater) on earthquake and landslide claims. Should disaster strike, you'll be on your way to retrieval in days, and at a substantial savings over the costs related with private strategies.

Most of the loans also include fire and hazard assurance coverage. You will have certainly assured overall replacement cost coverage on the home, with quite low payments and a $250 deductible. With the CalVet loan, you'll obtain restricted assured life coverage in an amount to make the principal as well as interest expenses for one to five years, depending on your present health status at the time you get the loan. Possible coverage is presented by the insurance carrier such as additional life insurance for the veteran, life insurance for the spouse, and disability insurance. Candidates who are eligible for the claim must be under the age of 62 when their loan is subsidised to obtain the life insurance plan.

Loan Processing

You may procedure your loan via the local CalVet office or with a specialized mortgage agent. CalVet will support you and your real estate agent at each and every step of the way. Your broker may synchronize the whole process with CalVet, just as they would do with loans from other lenders. Loan processing purposes have been consolidated to offer reliable and appropriate processing. We are now terminating most loans within 30 days from receipt of the request.

Save As Much As You Can with CalVet

Wouldn't you somewhat have lower expenses and more money is now going into your pocket every month? Just contact us today for more information on finding a CalVet loan, or for detailed information on other assistances you may need as a veteran.

CalVet Contruction Loan                           Pre-qualify CalVet Loan Application


  1. Loan assets may only be used to build detached, single family homes (no townhouses or condominiums) and to fix manufactured housing (constructed off site) on land possessed or to be kept by the veteran. Mobile homes in rental parks just do not qualify for the loan. The subsequent are qualifying progresses: Dwelling; garage (attached or detached); pump house; on-site well/water systems; on-site sewer/septic systems; flatwork (walks, driveway); porches/patios; barns; workshops; pools; spas; retaining walls; fencing suitable for the residence and appurtenant structures; landscaping; any other enduring enhancements essential for health, safety, energy efficiency or dwelling integrity. Developments which are not suitable comprise: Personal property, including unaffixed or detachable interior or exterior window covers. The division will regulate suitability or unacceptability of perfections.
  2. Cal-Vet may advance reserves for acquisition of the land as well as for building of the lodging and developments. Qualifying sites contain undeveloped sites/acreage, lots in subdivision expansions, and lots in non-profit, "self-help" expansions. Lawful title to the property must be relocated to the department. Cal-Vet may also obtain the project of an Indian veteran's leasehold or advantageous interest in faith land for the purpose of entering into an agreement with the Indian veteran for the building of a home or fixing of a manufactured home on the trust property.
  3. If candidate obtains fee title to the property upon which the home will be built previous to applying, possession of the land must be carried to the department free and clear of all offensive liens and hindrances and without any charge to the department preceding to allotting Cal-Vet's Construction Loan Contract to the veteran. If the property is to continue burdened, the recipient must subordinate their attention to the division, and the amount of the Cal-Vet loan plus other financing must not beat 97% of the value of the property and planned expansions.
  4. Excluding for funds delivered for the primary attainment of the land, in most circumstances no more than (5) progress expenses will be made on the loan assurance. The department will allow and direct payment of the development payments as suitable.
  5. The arrangement must obey with the department's values, based on FHA least property principles, the necessities of the Uniform Building code and/or the necessities of the local city or county construction examination department, whichever is more strict.
  6. The residence and other eligible enhancements must be made by a general construction contractor who is bondable and qualified by the State of California. Owner constructors must also have a California Class B General Building Contractor certificate.
  7. Building is to be finished within 270 days following issuance of an Approval to Commence Construction procedure. Allowances of this time period may be decided only upon sanction of the district manager.
  8. Loan payments will begin after first disbursal of assets. During the building stages, expenditures will include interest, insurance and taxes only. After conclusion, amortized expenses will be collected.
  9. The division’s chief fire and hazard assurance policy will serve as course-of-construction threat insurance during building. In order to uphold low rates obtainable under a group rule, some efforts to safeguard building materials on site must be made. It will be obligatory that resources be enclosed in an enclosed area, protected container, or that someone exists on the property. If the subject is a constructed home, course-of-construction assurance must be got through a private carrier.
  10. The developments must be built according to permitted plans. If unconventionalities occur, you must inform the division for approval of the changes.
  11. A CLTA Policy of Title Assurance will be obligatory through escrow. The policy must contain a CLTA 101 Endorsement (priority endorsement). A CLTA 101.1 authorization (Mechanics' Lien Endorsement) must be provided upon accomplishment of construction and previous to issuance of the concluding construction draw. DO NOT MAKE ANY ENHANCEMENTS OF ANY KIND TO THE PROPERTY PROCEEDING TO RECORDATION OF THE DIVISION'S LOAN CONTRACT AND THE BUILDING CONSTRUCTION AGREEMENT.